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Our Customers Say...


“When we have had changes to, or expansion of, our requirements regarding the specification of the product, Davtrend have always been ready to meet with us, understand our problems and provide an expedient solution.” More


Custom Power Supply Design

Davtrend Limited provide a total in-house design and manufacturing solution for custom power supply units, systems and equipment. We aim to provide our customers with reliable power supply designs that have been specially configured to meet their needs, taking into consideration their constraints of time scale and price.

From design to complete manufacturing solutions

Our highly trained and experienced engineers are located close to our production area. Design reviews are carried out at the critical points in development and the co-operation between our manufacturing and engineering departments ensures smooth passage from design through to manufacture. We involve our engineers at the earliest opportunity to ensure all customer needs are understood.


We value our customers at Davtend and wherever possible endeavor to help with cost saving technical advice and inventive solutions, from as early as the design and prototype stage. 

Our aim is to provide you with a prototype power supply that meets your needs – not just one which fulfils our contractual responsibility.