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“When we have had changes to, or expansion of, our requirements regarding the specification of the product, Davtrend have always been ready to meet with us, understand our problems and provide an expedient solution.” More


Drae Circuits

Davtrend Limited’s first products were marketed under the DRAE trademark primarily to Radio Amateurs. 


We are delighted to continue to support these products over the past 30+ years and offer downloads here of their archived circuit diagrams and original user instructions.


We are always happy to answer any queries and delighted to hear stories of the exciting lives some of these units have had!


Diagram Text
6 amp PSU circuit 6 amp PSU circuit (Text File)
12 amp PSU circuit 12 amp PSU circuit (Text File)
24 amp PSU circuit 24 amp PSU circuit (Text File)
Morse Tutor circuit Morse Tutor circuit (Text File)