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“When we have had changes to, or expansion of, our requirements regarding the specification of the product, Davtrend have always been ready to meet with us, understand our problems and provide an expedient solution.” More


Replacement Of A Solenoid

In response to a Customer’s request for a series of configurable low voltage high current DC motor controllers rated at up to 4.8kW.


The units have been designed to replace a system which used solenoid operated contactors, which were weighty and did not allow such features as soft-start, variable speed control, overload and low supply voltage protection.


Low Voltage, High Current Power Supply Unit

Power Supply Design & Manufacturing Solutions


These versatile controllers have been designed using FET switching techniques to provide cost-effective and compact electronic control of both series and shunt wound motors at efficiency levels better than 97%. The new design is managed by a micro controller which allows the parameters, for different products, to be set by software. Operating at 12 and 24 volts and up to 400 amps these units continually monitor current consumption both to detect faults and motor overload.


The final solution has provided the customer with a more efficient, reliable, compact and cost-effective solution. On time and within budget.