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“When we have had changes to, or expansion of, our requirements regarding the specification of the product, Davtrend have always been ready to meet with us, understand our problems and provide an expedient solution.” More


Set Top Box PSU | Miniature Power Supply Unit

Set Top Box For TV Audience Research Requiring A Miniature Mains PSU With 12W output.


The Customer needed a new product: small, low cost, efficient and designed to plug into the motherboard of the Customer’s product. This unit needed to produce very low RF emissions in order not to interfere when operating in close proximity to television sets.


As the Customer’s product uses Mains signalling, this power supply unit operates at a frequency that avoids any harmonics that could interfere with the mains signalling. For this design the customer needed high product reliability (even when installed in parts of the world with hostile mains) together with compliance with world-wide safety approvals.