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Our Customers Say...


“When we have had changes to, or expansion of, our requirements regarding the specification of the product, Davtrend have always been ready to meet with us, understand our problems and provide an expedient solution.” More


The Team

Our team of experienced engineers have the POWER to help your business with any power management requirements, complete with control system - A complete solution!


David Valentine    Design & Technical Sales
Rosemary Valentine    Sales & Quality  


Creative directions come from  – Creative Directors


Innovation and creativity work alongside quality and attention to detail to provide successful custom power supply solutions in a can-do culture.


What can you always expect from Davtrend?

– Good Service
– Expertise
– Cost effectiveness
– Excellent Quality


We make efficient use of time and resource to provide tailored solutionsGetting it right matters to us, just as much as it does to you! The Davtrend team offer a knowledgeable and reliable source of custom power supply products. Our success depends upon yours!

If your design can’t be compromised…if your requirement is unique! Our custom power supply solution is at your service!


You haven’t used us before? That’s OK – We’re user-friendly! We’re Engineers just like you – same interests, same pressures, same drive, same enthusiasm, same wavelength!


Supply of a product that doesn’t come back, to a customer who does!